Tuesday, December 16, 2008

[Offtopic] Recruiting

On a totally unrelated note to ThinkTank, Fire and Blood is recruiting! We're specifically looking for ranged DPS classes and rogues right now, but will consider any quality application. We have currently beaten all T7.10 and T7.25 content and are working on Sartharion with drakes up. If you're interested, drop me a line or apply at the website above.

Some quick notes about us:

  • Quel'Dorei is a CST server
  • The raiding community here is young, as is the server itself
  • Fire & Blood raids 3 times a week currently, 7PM central time
  • We use a suicide-kings DKP style updated after every boss; ties are determined by attendance and loot council
  • We're not the hardest-core players out there.
  • We are a very mature bunch though; most of us are at least in college and many of us have families, careers, and lives outside of WoW.
  • We believe that you don't raid to get gear; you get gear to raid.
Drop by, say hi, and feel free to ask questions. :)

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