Thursday, December 18, 2008

[Druid]Handwraps of Preserved History: most ironic name ever

As expected and requested by a lot of people, the Handwraps of Preserved History got hit pretty hard by the nerfstick. So much for their preserved status.

+68 agi
+103 stam
+100 AP
+40 expertise

+47 agi
+71 stam
+76 AP
+38 expertise

Ouch. If you're curious where this puts this on the older list, they're below the Savage Gladiator set by about 2 points. This is probably good; people shouldn't have to wear quest blues because those are better than their tier pieces. And there are a lot of good options out there. Still, big nerf inc.


Karthis said...

Awesome - I was hoping they'd get nerfed. There is now an upgrade path from this quest blue. =)

Anonymous said...

awesome thanks for the update. Is this live now or in ptr?

I least I have something to spend all my emblems of heroism on now.

Kalon said...

Ah, sorry, anon - should have said. This is a change on the PTR. Live is unchanged.

Anonymous said...

am I the only one who is excited about that 40 wintergrasp mark helm?

I mean, how much easier could a very, very nice tanking helm be made available than by having a truckload of fun blowing stuff up with vehicles.

Phil Jackson said...

Saw it coming so no surprise. But I should have or be so close to T7.10 gloves by the time it goes live I won't care anymore.

Marino said...

I wonder how do you calculate the points and place of an item?
I mean I use rawr, but it is kinda outdated. I mean it is accurate for current items, but I wanna plan ahead. I can't check polearms and it has still FAP on items so 2h maces are not shown as they should be.
Is there some other tool you use?

Kalon said...

Anon2 - the new wintergrasp helm is pretty decent. It's a bit worse than the Hateful Glad helm for druids (armor pen instead of crit rating) but it's otherwise identical. It should be a very easy and cheap way to get a good helm early on.

Marino - I use wowhead's ranking system and tweak it as needed. In this case I had to do it by hand, as the item wasn't in their database yet. You can see my rankings for loot in my prior loot listings.

Kalon said...

I can't check polearms and it has still FAP on items so 2h maces are not shown as they should be.

Another note on this - you can import the items on Rawr and give them the appropriate FAP to make them show up. Basically, as long as a weapon has FAP it's considered usable by Rawr. So...cheat, and give the polearms and maces what FAP they would have. :)

Deathoak said...

thx for info, after this bad news i get my t7 cloves 10mins ago :)

Amohkali said...

This change isn't listed in the PTR patch notes as far as I can tell(reading them and using IE search).

Blizz is pretty good about adding that info to patch notes - but how do we remind them that they left something out of the notes (especially if we're not in the PTR?)

Ben said...

im glad i found this, i had opened a ticket to give my friend the teir 7.5 gloves i picked up, i had too tell him he wasnt getting them.

Joel said...

Great news lol, i can finally get rid of these for some t7 =D

But when does patch 3.0.8 come out in europe? i think its already out in the US but its not out here and i cant find out when it will come out =(