Tuesday, December 16, 2008

[Druid] MOAR STUF (aka, Polearms)

Thanks to Runycat, I found out that Polearms are now trainable by druids. Makes sense, right? Hunters get to use feral staves (and they're converting strength to AP on them to make them more desirable), so druids now can use those hunter polearms. And we can all covet each other's neighbors, or something.

Trainers are in Stormwind and Undercity, in case you've forgotten.

So let's go to the comparisons! For bears, there's still no replacing Origin of Nightmares, Staff of the Plague Beast or even Enraged Feral Staff - they're just too good with the armor, even post 3.0.8. That one's pretty easy. They also have more stamina than any other druid weapons out there. It's not a contest.

For cats, though...

Black Ice (which drops from Malygos Normal) becomes the second best DPS weapon in the game. The huge hit rating is great and rare on any druid weapon, it has a ton of agility and a decent amount of attack power. It also looks like a druid weapon already; it's all crazy looking and funky and stuff. I really recommend this if no one else wants it; the hit rating will make it alone very valuable, and it has the highest agility of any weapon out there.

The Wraith Spear drops from normal Naxx from Maexxna, and it'll be worse than a lot of the other options for DPS. All of the feral staves, Inevitable Defeat...but it's not a bad one, and it should make for a nice alternate weapon if you can't get anything better.

Cryptfiend's Bite drops from Heroic Heigan, but it's not ideal. It has crit and haste instead of hit and haste, and only has 51 agility. Nice AP on it, but I'm not convinced that it's enough.

For those of you on a budget, the Saliva-Corroded Pike (yum!) drops from one of the random bosses in heroic VH, and will be close to the quality of a Feral Enraged staff for dps. And for an even bigger budget item, you can get the Whale-Stick Harpoon from Kalu'ak, which should be a very good early DPS option since you can get the rep so soon.

So - if you happen to be on any Malygos normal runs and that Black Ice drops - and no one else wants it - make sure to ask nicely. :)

And you don't even have to level your polearm skills either.


Don said...

So, my priority order should be Inevitable Defeat, then Black Ice, and finally Journey's End? Or does Journey's End still win?

Kalon said...

Journey's End still wins and it's not really close, but Black Ice trumps Inevitable Defeat. And both beat Staff of the Plaguehound.

Brian said...

great, now we have to bid against loot whore hunters on our own weapons.

sorry i'm bitter that all 8 million hunters in the game will be running around with feral staves. druids get the short end of the stick in this deal.

Bulamis said...

Yeah, Journey's End is pretty much the endall item for Hunters and Druid dps. And it is the only ilevel 226 Epic for Druids.

None of the other Naxx staves are well itemized for Hunters. (Expertise/Armor on them)

Note: Technically Betrayer of Humanity is on par of Journey's End for hunters, but any guild would be foolish to give one to them at this point (and all the Pally/DK/Warriors will kill them)

Kalon said...

Brian - thanks for coming by. I guess in 5-mans that might be an issue, but the solution in that case is simply 'bring less idiots'. If a hunter decided to bid on a tanking weapon against a feral druid in a raid, they would hopefully be beaten to a pulp by the other raiders.

I really think druids get a much larger end of the stick here. Druids can now use any staff, mace or polearm that drops - and some are pretty awesome. The number of viable DPS drops from Naxx alone has gone up by 2 thanks to this change by itself. The amount of weapons that a feral dps might want has gone from 2 to 6 - and one of those was a tanking weapon! Increasing the chances threefold that a weapon you'd want would drop is to me a very big win, even if it means other people might want it. I'd much rather have more common loot that everyone wants than rare loot that barely ever drops but automatically goes to me.

Nice to hear that Journey's End is awesome for hunters too. :) I would imagine that hunters should likely pass on this in favor of ferals anyway, as for hunters it's just a stat stick; for ferals they actually care about the DPS on it. It's similar to a rogue bidding on a bow because it's the best in slot for them vs. a hunter; of course it would go to a hunter.

Kwane said...


Just wanted to drop a note and say great post. I've referenced this to friends and guildies a couple of times now and thought I should stop in and let you know I've been spreading the good word (so as to not abuse your work).



Jelena said...

yes but .. how can i train polearms ? i went to SW trainer and he couldnt teach me .. lvl79 droo atm ..

Kalon said...

Hey, Jelena - thanks for coming by. :)

You'll not be able to train polearms until the 3.0.8 patch goes live. There were issues with doing so on the PTR realms as well, but I believe those have been fixed. In any case, you can't and don't want to use polearms until they fix the feral attack power issue, so just wait a bit.

Jelena said...

oh .. thx alot :) .. was confused bout it .. znas vec :D .. im from the Venture Co. .. Zugaina .. i like to tank also .. with changing luck :)