Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[General]Some quickie updates

Long time, no post.

I'm no longer a part of casually serious. I'm now a part of Skunkworks. Casually Serious, but renamed. And 100% more awesome. With it comes a web page redesign, some personal rules about behavior outside the game, and really snazzy graphics. We are recruiting a resto druid, and will always consider fantastic applicants no matter what their class and spec. If you're totally amazing and also would rather do more progression with fewer hours, send us a note.

I am back to raiding, at least on a trial basis. My work schedule changed enough that it seemed feasible. We're currently trying to kill HLK 25 man, and we've gotten as close as 17% enrage. I think he'll die in the 25% buff.

I'm planning on writing a retrospective of how ferals did from TBC to WotLK. It'll be a bit fluffy, so you mathy folks won't be satisfied all that much.

I'll also update the loot lists for Halion's loot table. Other than the Sharpened Twilight Scale, there's not a ton of super sexy stuff from there for cats. If you're hurting for rings the Signet of Twilight is neat, but otherwise...meh. For bears, the Umbrage Armbands are not too shabby, but not exactly exciting, and the Petrified Twilight Scale is a nice armor trinket but the proc is sad and doesn't compare well to Unidentified Organ.

I'm likely not going to comment much on the posted Cataclysm talent trees. Most of what I would have said has been said elsewhere and more eloquently than I could have. I will say that so far, they've not met the goals they set out to do in their design statement, and there's a lot of work left.

So I ask readers - what kinds of things are you looking for? Tips on HLK? Gearing strategies? Reviews of talents? Philosophical rants on the pointlessness of an infinite universe? Hello Kitty Island Adventures?