Thursday, January 21, 2010

[Offtopic]CS is recruiting

Last one for a while, I promise.

Casually Serious is recruiting right now - and I really recommend coming by and seeing if you have what it takes. CS is looking for a feral (DPS with occasional OT duties, aka, my old role), a rogue, a hunter and a healing (disc/holy) priest ,but as always outstanding apps are always interesting.

The official recruitment thread is over here:

I really can't speak enough about CS. If you're in a situation where you would like to raid but have limited time and you know your stuff, this is an amazing guild. We don't waste time, we don't mess around, we don't care about loot whoring or drama and don't tolerate it. We simply want to kill as much content as we possibly can. There's no recruiting for the bench, no giant raids, no one's on a special status or anything of the sort.

It's just be at raids and win.

Two nights a week, 4 hours for those nights, 7-11 PST. That's it. And for that 8 hour raiding schedule, CS has downed:
Naxx, Maly & Sarth3D (and gained the protodrakes)
Every hard mode in Ulduar + Yogg0 and gained Death's Demise & Celestial Defender
Every hard mode in ToC and gained Grand Crusader
Everything in ICC save BQL (which we haven't tried yet).

Realm firsts aren't that special on Balnazzar, I'll grant you - but being US 150/world 400 is, and wanting to do Yogg0 long after gear was irrelevant also was.

Anyway - if you're a good feral who does their homework and doesn't like to mess around, I can't recommend CS enough. Especially if you're like me and like tanking and DPSing both. And if you're a good player regardless, come see if it's what you're looking for.


runycat said...

If I weren't trying so hard to stay away from raiding right now, I'd say this would be just about perfect - especially since my husband is the best Rogue I've played with to date. How convenient!

The siren's call of content awaits.

Mitch said...

I would love to apply so I can raid quickly in an environment where people know the fights and don't need huge explanations, people who can turn away quickly when they are low on sanity and know yogg's lunatic gaze is coming soon, or where people can always get to the tank with the opposing worm debuff, or where your paladin tank who (after an entire expansion of undead mobs) finally keybinds holy wrath after we yell at him for missing a shadow strike cast on heroic anub . . .

However there is something to be said for raiding with friends. And I guess that's the real reason I play the game and I can't bring myself to leave, no matter how much nerd raging commences from raiding with these people.

One last thanks for your blog, though =D

Kalon said...



Mitch - that's very true, and it was very hard for me to stop with Fire & Blood. The crux for me was that I didn't really get to raid at all, so it wasn't a choice between raiding with my friends and raiding with pros; it was a choice between raiding with pros and not raiding.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, Kalon.

Rìght said...

Damn if i only had Thursdays off. I currently do kitty with a decent 245/258 tanking off spec damn work again damn it all to hell >:(