Wednesday, January 20, 2010

[General] Pimpage and shoutouts

I never do a good job of saying goodbye :)

First off - many folks asked for good resources out there on various things, so I figured I'd give my recommendations and try and encourage some bloggers to write more.

On cat stuff: Coldbear has done quite possibly the most exhaustive writeup of feral dps that exists or that could exist. The video is awesome (especially if you happen to be taking ritalin) but the thing I most commend him for is the literally amazing wowwiki feral dps entry. The sheer amount of work on this is insane. Some great tips I learned from him are some of the UI fun bits, using GotW right before the pull to get an OoC proc and using nature's gift to maybe get one while pooling energy. But really - he's got it all.

I linked him before when he did some work on Arpen mechanics and the tricky question of when to switch - but you should still go visit Vallen at Feral Aggression and bug him to post more. He writes with a great style in a very approachable way, and he has a lot of things to say. Go say hi, show him you're interested and ask him to explain more stuff.

On bear stuff: there's sadly just not that much out there. The one I can wholeheartedly recommend is Darksend's great I'm not Feral, I'm a bear. He does a good job posting over at Tankspot and putting up movies, but you should bug him to post more otherwise.

For a newer set of all-around info, Alaron and the Fluid Druid is great and I hope that he continues to post a lot. The basic starting point on bear tanking and cat DPS should be required reading for any bear wanting to do any raiding. He's a bit busy right this moment, but hopefully he'll get back into the swing of things.

I really encourage you guys to comment on their blogs, ask them questions and in general go say hi. There's nothing more encouraging or inspiring to a writer than readers, and I've written some of my best work simply because someone left a good comment. If you want more things written - ask :)

Other than that, the EJ forums, tankspot, and the dreaded wow forums are all good resources. And Rawr. Always Rawr.

Onto some shoutouts for peeps out there. I'm sure I will miss a ton of people, and that's my personal failing.

-Andrew/Karthis - you were my biggest inspiration for starting writing at a good clip, to the point where my blog looks and is formatted a lot like yours was. (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?) Your taking a break made me write more, and you leaving made me write even more, but no matter what I provided I could never fill that void. You were a great read and a good person to talk to. Thank you for giving so much back and doing it so well.

Flyv - it was awesome when you and Karthis and I were all bouncing ideas off of each other and getting more and more information. It really felt like a community and it was really synergistic. Sorry to see ya go.

Runycat - theory comes and goes, but your writing went way beyond that. You were seriously awesome and amazingly helpful, and damnit you were fun. The world needs more people like you. Some day it'd be great to bring the significant others and have a beer.

Copey - one of the best contributors to comments on this site. I'm really glad you spent the time to write.

John Patricelli - you gave me my first big break, and my success is almost entirely because of that. I'm sorry we didn't get along; that was entirely my failing.

Fasc - my partner in crime over at the wow forums. I didn't always agree with you, but I always respected what you were saying and why, and it was nice to have some sanity in the wilderness.

Astrylian - I don't think anyone has written something as profound as you have for this community. Thank you for doing such an amazing piece of work and for writing so well about it.

Communism - thank you for providing such clarity and quantitative analysis on the wow forums. It kept me from killing people with my bare hands. :)

Phae - congratulations again on the sprout. He's beautiful. :) You were the best of us, and you made me want to join the druid community.

Toskk - you were doing it before it was cool. Just astounding work that every feral owes a huge debt to.

Jacemora - write more, damnit!

Tigerfeet - sorry that you got burnt out. More sorry you're not writing more. You have a ton of style and wit, and I envy what you can do with graphics like no one else.

All my commenters: Thank you for the support and well-wishes and saying hi. I'll miss talking with you and helping out more than you'll know.

So long, guys. Kick some icecrown butt and may Blood Queen always drop Bloodfall. :)


J said...

Kalon -

Long time lurker here (well, i did post a comment once or twice). Just wanted to say thanks for the contribution to the druid community. Kind of sad to see you go because you're such an asset and you seem like a genuinely nice guy, but also happy for you because you get to focus on things that are far more important. Bravo, sir.

Anonymous said...

Saying goodbye to you and Runy at the same time seems doubly sad, but thanks for the info and the insight.

Darksend said...

I will say this much,

seeing that picture made it a lot more obvious why you decided to quit!

enjoy life man, enjoy it!

Copey said...


I’m stunned that you even mentioned me. Let me say again that it has been a joy to read your writing, you have helped me more then I could have ever deserved. Thanks so much for your time, and I hope all is well for you and your family. They say all good things must come to an end, but I hope that in some way there is a new beginning for you in some way that makes you happy. Enjoy your family, they truly are the best thing in this world.

Thanks for everything.

Beable said...


What will I do without your blog!? I've recommended it to so many people and used it extensively during the last year.

I kid. I kid. You're a great resource and I'm sorry you won't be keeping up with it. But I have a sixteen month old daughter and I completely understand where you're coming from.

Sixx said...

Bye Kalon, you where my master. i hope i can live up to the codex. May the padawan always become better than his trainer.

Hope to see you again.


Ironhyde said...

You were a great source of information and probably the best one out there. You will be missed. Thank you for all the hard work you put in and I wish you good luck with where life takes you from here.

Anonymous said...

I totally did not deserve top billing. The best of the best feral blogs just got reduced to Fluid Druid and Feral Aggro. If I have sometimes seen far it's because I stood on the shoulders of giants. And all I really see is cool stuff, feral dps and wow movie-making. You guys can have the theory and the reasons why - I'll just ride on the coattails of you and Rawr and whatnot.

Cheers for doing so much for the community for so long. Nothing lasts forever.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the kind words. You easily eclipsed my bear work once you got rolling, and created a perfectly crunchy blog for us number nuts. It is/was amazing, and hopefully you'll keep it in hibernation for all of the ravenous feral Googlers than rely on it for a good start in their tanking careers.

And if you ever get some time, stop by my blog... I may not write about WoW anymore, but I do write about video games on a regular basis. =)

Congrats again on the little one,


Anonymous said...

Awww, I feel honored being mentioned here between all of my druid heroes. :)

I'll miss your posts, Felhoof. You've been a great help to the druid and tanking community and you've always been so nice and reasonable about everything. I wish you the best!


doug said...

I wish you the best in life and hope you succeed and are happy every where you go.

Yliinia said...

HI, I wanted to thank you for your blog, everything, you've been for the feral community.

I'm quite new in this, I may only be about one year old, but every time i came to this place, this was only for great information and halp (like every druid should be helping another).

Anyway, enjoy your life, your family, thanks again.

Yliinia, Conseil des ombres - EU

metric said...

Cheers for all the great writing and for contributing to the druid community. A lot of practical advice I scored from yours and other blogs. Like many other druid bloggers who have moved on you will be missed. Take care of yourself and the family.

pointblanket said...

Oi, got to this quite late. Been a long-time reader/lurker of your blog, and have recommended it to every aspiring feral I've come across.

Sad to see ya go, but I wish you the best of luck in a new chapter of your life. Many thanks for your excellent contributions- you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, man! Thanks for the shout-out. It really feels awesome to be remembered. I've moved on from WoW I'm afraid, but not from blogging. I don't have a computer right now but eventually when I get back up and running I'll be regailing anyone who cares to listen with my adventures in Guild Wars 2 :)

Mad props for your progeny, you really have SUCH a gift.