Tuesday, January 5, 2010

[General] ThinkTank 2009 retrospective

Happy New Year!

First, some tooting of my own horn. This year ThinkTank had, according to analytics, 594,000 visits over the year with 850,000 pageviews over that time.


Average views per day were about 1500, with a peak of 2500 on April 24th - which was likely based on a post that got linked on wowinsider.

The most popular posts are things like the Icewell Radiance post, gear analysis for cats, and other loot lists. Not a big surprise, that; the first one is linked in my wow forums sig just so I don't have to explain over and over how druids aren't screwed by losing 20% dodge. :)

Pretty amazing to me that there are that many people reading this stuff. Thanks, guys - you really make this special, and you really make writing this worthwhile.

This year I changed guilds, changed my primary focus to DPS, changed jobs multiple times (stupid economy) and played on 4 different computers. I downed the hardest bosses in T7, T8 and T9 and earned two server first titles (though to be fair, our server is a bit ass). It was quite the tumultuous time. Thanks for reading through all that. :)

I wanted to quickly look back at some of the articles I wrote this year and revisit some, or at least point out some nice ones that I was particularly proud of.

10. How to: Sarth3D. While a lot of druids had done Sarth3D with big stam and external cooldowns, only a handful up to this point did it with resist gear - mostly because the resistance math was so unknown. Thanks to Shamgarr's really excellent work we were able to figure out the sweet spots and how to get there. I really like this one mostly because I know of at least 3 guilds who had trouble with this who switched to this strategy and knocked it out of the park. :) I expect this to be relevant for at least Sindragosa.

9. The antitank series. While this is almost entirely defunct (other than using it for heroic farming) between the awesome picture of Russian antitank dogs and the concept of just doing massive DPS while tanking, it was good times.

8. Toggling Maul. I really like this one just because it's so simple; how to toggle maul so that you can choose to use it all the time - or not. Hopefully this becomes not an issue in Cataclysm.

7. Sample values of stats for threat. This was simple, fairly easy to understand and got right to the point - and illustrated very quickly what was best for threat and also how badly bears scale with threat stats. I liked it because it was definitely a guiding point for a lot of people who weren't quite sure how best to go about getting threat.

6. The Future of Block. I like posts like this in general, and this one made me think the most of all the posts this year. It'll be interesting come Cataclysm to see how close I got.

5. Glyphs are the new Flask. I still think people don't do this enough, which is a shame. Glyphs are cheap enough to make (though usually not cheap to buy directly) that getting a guildie to make you a stack or two of glyphs and swap accordingly is almost always the right choice. I typically toggle maul glyphs or growl glyphs (ohai, Saurfang).

4. Savage Defense analysis. There still aren't a lot of math models around SD, and this was one of the first - and it turned out to be largely correct. Another one that dismissed a lot of bad math and conceptions that people had on forums. It's still not perfectly accurate but it's on a reasonable order, and showcases both how good armor is and how decent SD is.

3. Icewell Radiance. Another hugely popular post, I'm happy with this because it seems to basically end arguments about it. People reference it regularly to defuse bad thoughts about bears. It's useful, informative, and the math isn't so complex that it throws people.

2. Nerfing Stamina the right way. This was another post that started from the wow forums and continued here, and I liked both the reasonable math associated with it, the other commenters providing information, and the actual conclusion I got (which was oddly one of the most popular posts I ever wrote)

And my favortest post of all:

1. Phat Lewts. Nothing could remotely top this, and I thank all of you for the well wishes and feelings. He's just over 9 months old now, is very healthy, happy, and I love him. He's the best thing I've ever helped make.


Copey said...

Grats on another year, and grats on all your accomplishments (especially the phat lewts!)

You have made something here that you should be proud of, and that many including myself are thankful for. Thanks for taking the time to help and entertain us, I’m very happy you decided to stick with it when you were thinking about giving it up back in September. Thanks for everything.

Cheers to a bright future.

Mike said...

Grats on the success of your blog. There is an abundance of misleading information out there and forums full of people passing off stupidity as fact, so its nice to know there is a place where you can find factual information about druids.

Your How to: Sarth 3d post is most certainly one to be proud of. I'm an officer and raid commander of an "average" raiding guild. We have been around since TBC, but we never managed to kill some of the more challenging bosses. Our luck changed when WoTLK came out. We downed 3d before 3.1 was released and got our first big kill as a guild. I don't think we could have accomplished it without the help of your guide and information about how I should gear to tank her. I followed your advice about gearing and got my FR and stamina to the point it needed to be, and I was very pleased with the results. It really took a lot of work off the healers and let them have more time to focus on keeping other people alive (most of whom were not used to progression raiding / really having to pay attention).

Since I started playing WoW back in 2005, I have noticed that other players seem to be more misinformed about the functionality of Druids than other classes, and I am happy to see you work to change those misconceptions though posts on your blog and in the forums. Keep up the good work.

- Aj

Anonymous said...

thanks alot, this was one of the first feral blogs i started reading, and many after that has come and gone, but you still keep going.

Many posts have helped me on my feral to the point where i am on a top 30 guild according to wowprogress in t9 conctent. I especially appriciate the gear list posts, have helped me much to decide what to take.

Hope you dont get bored to wow and keep posting in cataclysm as well.

Alaron said...


Congratulations on a great year. My little one's about 7 months older then yours, so I know exactly what you mean. Hope 2010 goes well for you! (But stop being so flipping good, half the time I have a feral blog post in mind and realize you've already done it, and better. ) :)

Adam said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog ever since I found it (not that it was lost). Keep up the good work and thanks for making information easily accessible and accurate.

Darksend said...

I was reading this and was like... how the hell does he not mention his kid?

Glad to hear the three of you are doing well.


Kalon said...

Darksend - gotta save the best for last :) And I should post more pics soon. I'm usually reluctant to do that because people seem to get antsy when I post things about my life or things straying from...math. But he's awfully cute.

Darksend said...

"But he's awfully cute."

you just scarred him for life O.o