Monday, June 29, 2009

[General]Well, that was fast

Another PTR, and bam! T9 changes for all tanks.

Paladin 2p is going for Hand of Reckoning instead of Righteous Defense, which is good; RD is almost never used by comparison any more.
Paladin 4p explicitly reduces the forbearance penalty.

Druid 4P is now reducing the cooldown of Barkskin by 12 seconds (was 10% more barkskinny goodness)
Warrior 4P is now reducing the cooldown of shield block by 10 seconds (was 20).

While I miss the thought of being ridiculously OP, it was pretty clear with some basic math that 30% barkskin wasn't going to see the light of day. Though I'll be surprised if 90-second divine protection for paladins lasts.


Dave Riley said...

Righteous Defense hardly sees use? It's still my go-to taunt. AoE taunt that works off of targeting the player (no fumbling to click name plates). Yes plz!

I'm still pretty distressed by these 4 sets, though. They're all sooooo milquetoast.

Anonymous said...

Woot! i'm past caring at this point, there was so much anger on the forums this week, it really ruined my experience of wow :(

(but i agree, even if it wouldnt have mattered, its hardly politically correct to rub it in those poor DKs' faces)

Here's hoping to lots of bosses with massive spike physical damage at 48 second intervals, eh?

AHAntics said...

@Dave Riley - for my RaidGroup, I am normally(90% of the time) the Add Tank, and in most situations where I need to taunt something, AoE taunt would be bad due to proximity to other things I do NOT want to taunt. I can't actually recall the last time I used RD, but I use HoR all the time.

Dave Riley said...

The AoE works on the player, not the mobs. RD taunts up to three mobs off of the PLAYER you are targeting, not three mobs in the vicinity of the of the mob you taunt.

The only reason I don't use RD is if I need to taunt something off of the MT while he's got the boss. The cat on Auriaya comes to mind... I can't think of a lot of other examples, aside from the occasional junkbot on Mim.

While paladins don't have a huge 3 minute "everyone look at me" button, my favorite part of the class in recent times is having two taunts. Taunt resisted? No problem! Need to taunt two things at once? No problem! It's one of things that's making me hesitate switching my main over to my bear.