Tuesday, June 16, 2009

[Druid]Content is coming, I promise!

Yep, I've been a lazy bear and haven't updated of note in a while. There's at least one big article coming this week, hopefully. In the meantime, I thought I'd make y'all laugh: here's Tun of Ensidia talking about how he does DPS and tanking.

There's a lot of wrong in there. But my favorite part? How he completely and utterly misuses Rawr despite the whole 'relative stat values' warning. Anyway, it's worth a read, and maybe worth discussing; in particular, it's interesting how much he values crit chance.


doug said...

In general Ensidia is the last place I would look for gear/spec/rotation advice.

The more I see from them regarding such matters the more I am amazed by them.

DaveP said...

Awwww he comes across a sweet cuddly forest animal: "You choose who to believe, the eggheads or the awesome Druid writing this guide." - What could be sweeter than that? I'm with him in the end. It raises the question: how come dorky sounding nice guys like tun, with "no clue" how to gear + play, be so successful, when smart theorycrafters, with mathematically proven solutions, tend to spend their time in guilds who suck at playing wow, relative to the great Endidia?

I'm no fanboi and really couldnt care that they're better than me. But that tension is always on my mind when I read confident theorycrafted imperatives. Always.

So, I'm not interested in discussing his theories. I'm interested in that tension, because I think its by far the most significant factor in raid success. But I think you've covered it before K, and I know its not the focus of your blog.

Keeva said...

The resto druid blog/guide is not terribly impressive either - it's quite generic and I think Lissana's (and others) is better.

Unfortunately I think that a lot of people fawn over these guides by default because they're written by Ensidia players, and so must be gospel.

There are many more places I would go to and trust for information before I would go to Ensidia.

Shamad said...

Funny thing is, Tun pulls off 8.1k DPS on patch as he says, and was posting numbers of around 6.3k on single target non-gimmick fights his first week in Ulduar. He might not have all the answers, and yeah he missuses some of the rawr stuff, but his results are far from weak.

Also Kalon, is there some sweetspots for CP generation for kitty? Seems to me that there might be some crit% where you, on average, generate enough CP to sustain the basic rip/SR uptimes, and anothere where you can sustain those and include an extra FB in each cycle etc. The new glyphs might have made this a bit harder to model, been playing so litle feral lately that I can't seem to remember how they were worded.

Nomasun said...

Anyone can pull 6kdps if they have gear like Tun.

Shamad said...

Anyone in a decent raiding guild has gear of similar quality as Tun did when he stepped into Ulduar. Point being, he pulled 6.3k in THAT gear, within 48h of Ulduars release.

Samuel said...

Nothin really new there, especially for bears, aside from the "I can afford to stack Agility cause I have so much else BiS."

Anonymous said...

Well, he can probably also afford to stack agility because of a very reliable raid core, more or less guaranteed to not stand in the fire after a couple of practice attempts on each boss, and therefore more or less guaranteed to not need excessive amounts of stamina to cover those bad moments that inevitably occur when a good 30% of your raid blatently refuses to follow the strat.

Beable said...

I really enjoyed the Ensidia article, thanks for the link. I've been wondering about crit for awhile actually. It really IS sweet when you stack combo points so quick that you are able to do some FBs.

This paragraph cracked me up especially:

"Alright before everyone starts flaming me and hating my guts for not telling you that I tank all the hardmodes in Ensidia and I do OVER SEVEN THOUSDAND DPS while tanking, I never die and never have threat issues here are the facts: I don't tank very much. I can tank almost anything save a few special fights. Fact is, Ferals are really good DPS and Death Knights are as good at tanking as we are at DPS'ing. That being said, I should be tanking Algalon instead of Kungen because he's weak and dies all the time. Plus Kungen tends to panic on vent, screaming all kinds of nonsense. We ferals have long studied the art of self-control and restraint, so we do not give in to panic and fear."