Monday, June 1, 2009

[General] World of Logs! And cat pics...sometime

Totally unrelated to block, I have to pimp out my new favorite raid toy - World of Logs. World of Logs is a log parser similar to WowWeb Stats and Wow meter online. However, it adds a lot of amazingly useful functionality right out of the box:

-Graphical interface with really nice snazzy design.
-graphs of dps, damage in, and healing that show how a fight went (along with a bloodlust area, even!)
-easy tracking of where people died and when
-properly associating shields to who did the shield, showing how much the shield shielded for (yes, this includes savage defense)
-much better log parsing capabilities
-much better splits, with quick links to boss kills, wipes, trash, and other goodies
-Really nice graphs that are similar to recount with pie charts
-Much faster response time on loading reports
-much faster loading of files

So far I've found nothing bad about it. Go check it out!

Also, here are placeholder images for the new cat forms. When they're available they should automatically pop up here.

First one:



Karel d said...

-Much faster response time on loading reports
-much faster loading of files

YOu can cross that off the list, yesterday it was slow. I guess it has to do with the gaining popularity of the site

Don said...

I've switched to using statiscl for our guild. Other than not working properly on Flame Leviathan and counting Holy Priests and Hunter deaths multiple times, it works well.

Anonymous said...

Holy Hell! The cat update is so much better than the bear one.

Kalon said...

Karel d - that's really unfortunate, but makes sense. Hopefully it'll get some more bandwidth soon. The actual use of the site seems to be reasonably close to what it was anyway, and it still has a ton of great features.

Don - Statsci does seem nice to a certain extent. I just don't love it like I do WoL.

Yeah, Anon - those cats are stellar and damn near anything I could've hoped for.

Seleria said...

The new kitty forms make me actually want to play kitty more!

Also... that site is godly. Our guild's resident "WWS person" has been ranting about how less-than-thrilled he is with WWS. From not counting some bosses as bosses, to not having the capability to accurately measure disc priests, to counting Healing Stream Totem for shaman healers so that they suddenly jump from #7 on recount to #1 on WWS...

This new site, while it definitely has some kinks that come with a beta... looks SOOO promising. Thanks for sharing.

Kalon said...

Seleria - glad it helped. It's really a lot of fun to play with too.

But mostly, seeing how much SD actually mitigated was really eye-opening. It's a downright good ability.

Seleria said...

My bear is my alt and so doesn't really get any logs uploaded or anything. Our guild's feral tank is more often kitty than bear, so the single log we DO have isn't very "conclusive."

I'm seriously loving this thing, though. I was excited just looking through logs other people posted (that you can access from the main page). It increased tenfold when our Ulduar logs got posted on it last night. Amazing!