Monday, April 6, 2009

[Druid, 3.1] Patch not live, don't freak out

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the patch will not hit on Tuesday. Why? Because Savage Defense is utterly borked.

Right now, the only way it is removed is after the 10-second cooldown dissipates. Until then? It blocks everything.

Yes, Scarlet Monastery is fun this way. Yes, pulling all of Strat while swiping to maintain crits is fun. No, it won't be shipping this way. I'm fairly certain that they didn't make Savage Defense so that it could be the bestest version of block ever.

Though it'd almost be worth it to see the tanking forums explode over it.

Anyway, it's not fixed or ready to go yet, so chances are the patch isn't either. At least another week. I'll have more testing stuff done later this week. :)


runycat said...

I just got really excited thinking that we could hang out on the PTR and test things together, and then I remembered you're a cow. D:

Anonymous said...

by tuesday do you mean tomorrow, or next week? I never thought it would be out tomorrow - at least not with an announcement :P

The SD bug sounds fun - I'll give it a go too, thanks for the heads up.

Kheldar said...


why cant they hurry up and issue it.

i did read something a week back with Jeff Kaplan saying patch 3.1 is done. but i guess its done but with some big issues :p

someone else commented that Blizz have removed the outfitter/gear changer from 3.1 ??

Ackward said...

The question is ``can they really fix SD in this form?''
My impression of the game mechanics is that SD as proc is active for all the attacks received during a heartbeat and that can't be fixed without changing it to something else than a proc. Getting a timer on it, it's more problem than anything else.

Maybe the solution is change the proc to something like +XXXXX armor, reverting the armor nerf in some situations or changing to something like +X% block . In other way, converting SD in proven/working shield/block mechanics. Anyway inferior to other tanks that have those skills passive.

Nav said...

It'd be funny if they go: "We figured SD is not ready yet. So it will be included in the next major patch." Like those *major* warlock changes promised like 9 patches ago.

Anonymous said...

did they fix the savage defense bug with it always being up in this latest PTR build?