Monday, March 30, 2009

[General] ToggleOnNextStrike (Maul/HS)

In an earlier post I mentioned that Sarf of Elitist Jerks was working on an addon that can automatically toggle your macros with maul (or heroic strike, or rune strike).

Well, here it is.

It isn't the most user friendly thing in the world, so I'll talk through it a bit.

The trigger is /tons. What you'll want to do is have a macro for each attack you want. Unlike before, you can have your macro be fairly in-depth and big, too - so #showtooltip, modifier tags, whatever all work here.

To add them to be toggled, do /tons addmacro {macroname}, where {macroname} is the name of the macro you'd like to toggle. Do this for each one.

To add maul or remove maul from those, simply do /tons toggle.

Now, here's the cool thing about this - it works for all the tanking classes. It works for DKs and druids and warriors, and will add the appropriate ability depending on the class you are.

It's fairly new, and I'm sure isn't quite tweaked out - but it does a lot of nice things that I like. Check it out if you're tired of spamming your maul button. One thing I'll try and add is the ability to customize what is toggled so that instead of adding/removing maul, it adds a [modifier:shift] maul or [nomodifier] maul depending, so you can use it in a pinch.


Anonymous said...

HI Kalon,

Good to see you back and posting. Hope that ur little baby bear is well.

To me this seems like a great idea, having an addon that could automatically click maul for me is great.
Just a couple of questions about the addon.

1. I cant macro to save my life. Do i need macros already in place for this to work?

2. Could you have it installed and just have it proc maul based upon how much rage you have? So if Rage > 40% proc maul.

Darraxus said...

Nice, this could be very helpful for heroic strike spam as well. I will have to check it out as soon as it get polished a bit.

Anonymous said...

WTB a walk through for start to finish... that begins with the creation of the inital macros, applying the mod, then verification of it working :)

Big thanks in advance

Don said...

Wow, neat. I just started working with this, and it's pretty cool. Here's the 20-second getting started guide:

Install the addon (you should know how to do this)
Login, and bring up your macros (/macros)
Create a new macro, and make it look like this:
/cast Mangle - Bear

That's it. Drag it to your bars. Type /tons scan and then /tons enable. You should get some feedback from tons saying that it updated your macros. Now go find a training dummy, generate some rage (I just hit Enrage), and press your macro'ed mangle. Watch the combat log, you'll see that you hit the dummy with Mangle, and then with a Maul.

Now you can write macros for the rest of your attacks. It supports Lacerate and Swipe as well as Mangle.

Infectious said...

ok..Im a total newbie to macros...
Please dont take a strip off me..

1) after reading up on macros a bit it seems to be pointless to make a macro that does mangle when you can just hit the mangle button...or hot key..

Anonymous said...

Infectious - I have mangle macroed for me right now so that when I re-spec back and forth I don't have to set up my bars again.

In this instance, however, the mangle macro is needed because what the addon does, when you type /tons toggle, it will change your /mangle macro from

/cast mangle


/cast mangle
/cast !Maul

and if you type /tons toggle again it will return the macro to its original form. That's all. the mangle macro is needed simply because the addon needs something TO change before it can change anything

Mugio said...

One word of caution, the scan function will catch any macros that contain cat swipe and attempt to add the maul to it as well.

Otherwise it seems to work well.

Anonymous said...

Okay so I am confused or I was expecting more, is the only thing that this does is add:

/cast !Maul

to mangle, lacerate, swipe macros?

or is !Maul part of the addon?

Anonymous said...

Somehow it won't be recognized by the wow-client (altough tons-folder is located in interface - addons where all the other addons are placed.
Am I mising something? Using german client, but won*t show up with english language too...

Kalon said...

Anon1 & 2 - Don explained things pretty well in the comments. I would like to add that while TONS scans for things with mangle, swipe and lacerate - that isn't the only macros it'll use. If you want to add a macro to toggle, you can do /tons addmacro [macroname] and it'll add a maul at the end of that too.

And yes, all this does is toggle adding a /cast !maul at the end of the selected macros. That's it. And it's awesome. :)