Wednesday, July 14, 2010

[Offtopic] HLK deaded!

On our fourth pull of the night Skunkworks downed Heroic Lich King on 25man, making us the 70th guild in the US to do it and the 244th overall. Again, we raid 8 hours a week max. Not too shabby.

Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to get this done. It's been a long 3 months working on him and sometimes it seemed hellish, but it's also been a lot of fun and an incredible show of what folks can do.

If you're curious we did no strategy changes from last time I talked about it. Well, save one - we brought only 5 healers. It helped but mostly in getting to P3 faster.

Cataclysm news shortly. Spoilers: things are broken and suck.


Anonymous said...

Congrats :)

Rauxis said...


I have yet to see him on heroic mode *shudder*

Rauxis, chosen of CAT

Willowbear said...

Big congrats!

Anonymous said...

Big Grz!!

Mitch said...

Congrats! And make sure Brolynn knows he's a scrub and should never have left VeCo.

We are in the summer/pre-expansion lull where we have 1/3 of the raid every week new to heroics and getting hit by ghosts 24/7. Fun times.

Kalon said...

Thanks all. :)

Mitch - you'll laugh. Brolynn had mentioned that he had gotten a BSOD but no one paid attention, so he was still a ghost when we started the RP. That meant that he got summoned up with like 8 seconds to spare - completely unbuffed, and having to cast AI on everyone.

A minute in, he was still asking for kings.

And that was on our KILL.

And he still managed 2nd on DPS. :P I'll tell him y'all said hi.

Brolynn said...

8 seconds to spare? That sounds downright relaxing! I barely managed to run to the feast before combat flagged x.x

<3 veco, best server I've played on.

Mitch said...

It's Dysheki btw.

A little side story: Brolynn's guild and my guild had races to see who could down months behind content the quickest. AND THEN THEY CRACKED! Couldn't take the pressure and took off in the darkness of night.

Except by race it was more like Kaecyra (Scornn in your guild) and I would share stories with each other about our awful guild members were. But yeah, I can't quit VeCo . . . . . but I really want to. Such a love/hate relationship.

lol, grats again guys.

Mitch said...

Ohhhhhhhh actually I have a recent story about bad guild members. This guy actually told me to 'please stfu' in raid chat after he did something dumb. Heroic Putricide the ooze and gas clouds are near each other, a melee is on the ooze and the gas cloud is not moving. This means DING DING the gas cloud is picking a target. And if you're attacking the ooze you could be knocked back INTO the gas cloud. What should you do? Move to a side of the ooze where you won't get knocked back into the gas cloud in case you are picked, right? Not this guy.

Of course he gets picked and gets shot directly over the gas cloud and wipes us, so I say "grats [insert name here]". I calmly say "you can position yourself where you want to be booted to prevent this" and this is where he says "please stfu. it was bad timing". I then repeat myself hoping he will understand, but I think he still believes there was nothing he could have done.


Anonymous said...

Grats, I'm in a 10/12HM 2-night/week guild and you guys are an inspiration.

Jacemora said...


We are still working on the 10 man and 25 iteration. I think we will get 10 in a week of 2 (we only get about 2 hours per week of attempts right now in 10). 25 just seems impossible, just a mistake made by someone every pull... at least the little time I spend in 25 man attempts.