Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[Druid]What are the defining abilities for ferals?

So being lazy pays off - I no longer have to write an indepth analysis of the feral trees, because they're all being nuked to hell. Yes, it's shocking that during the beta things would change so much.

But one bit of interesting news here is the notion that all classes will have their spec-defining ability given to them early on in their life, at level 10 when they choose their specialization. That got me thinking - what really is the defining trait for ferals?

The only one I could really think of was Mangle. Mangle is the thing you build towards that is amazingly rewarding at level 50, and allows you to plow through mobs like butter for the next 15 levels. It was defining for bears and cats, sounds great, and does satisfying damage and threat. It's obviously not the top-DPS thing for cats, but at least from a leveling experience it's all about Mangle.

Now there are other defining abilities too, but that's the big one. I think that if I wanted to get people used to feral abilities early, I'd give them something like this:

Savage Defense

Savage Roar
Tiger's Fury
and maybe the combo of Pounce/Ravage or one of the two.

The nice thing is that this would allow for the completely lame claw to be removed entirely. And get you forms early, which has always been an annoyance.

As far as the end game goes, I don't think this really is going to matter. They've said repeatedly that the dps, utility, rotation, tanking skill or healing skill is not going to change; this is almost entirely a leveling and utilitarian cleanup. It might affect how you get that awesome other talent in another tree, but I even doubt that. It'll affect PvP, but I honestly don't care about PvP, so I'm not going to talk about that :) Still, it'll be nice to see the new trees and hopefully get some rebalancing of the bear/cat talents. And maybe some of them will actually be functional!


Rauxis said...

I'd go with Mangle as well - also because it's both for Cats and Bears

Rauxis, chosen of CAT

Erdluf said...

I think Mangle is an excellent guess.

Don't remove Claw entirely. It is still useful for Balance, up until level 40 or so (at least for a toon with no BoA gear). Particularly true with Cat Form available at 10.

It may be useful for a solo Resto until around 60 (when he finally starts seeing a fair amount of Intellect on leather gear).

Mitch said...

I would say the forms themselves are the defining 'abilities' for ferals.

Rauxis said...


I can't agree, because Cat and Bear are forms every Druid knows - it's not as special to a Feral the way the big turkey is for Boomkins

Rauxis, chosen of CAT

@Kalon: many thanks for cleaning up :)

Anonymous said...

/agree with the mangle choice

What i see as being more interesting is how the new tree will reflect both bear and kitties without being overly bloated.

It may make the hybrid kitty / bear spec closer to the premium cat / bear only specs as allot of the bloat will be gone.

Its also going to make the specing into the resto tree more interesting as we cant use all of the talents that we currently want.

Still im sure its all going to be fun and games with plenty qq from the usual people!

Bokonon said...

I think having a reasonably lackluster talent like mangle as our 'class defining ability' is pretty indicative that design has no idea what they're doing with feral. Other classes get things like Mortal Strike, Penance, and Titan Grip. We get something that's used once per minute (or not at all if you have a mangle bot) and something that is an unexciting part of a boring tanking rotation.

How many times have you heard "I sure am glad we have mangle?"

Anonymous said...

@ Bok

You are think of Mangle as a Lev 80.
To me when i first leveled my druid Mangle was what a druid was about from 40 - 70 (and then on to 80 with wotlk)

Obviously in a raid mangle isnt such a huge thing once you have used it once but when questing and leveling it is a big deal.

Anonymous said...


Don't forget Boomkins are going to be getting eclipse and maybe starfire at 10. GC has stated that resto will have some tools as well so they won't be left out.

As far as leather with int goes, they have fixed old world quest rewards and drops to be inline with new stats. Claw won't be useful anymore as Boomkins and resto's can be useful with out going into cat form.

Rauxis said...

and the winner iiiiiis...... Mangle

and currently we have no idea where the damage of Mangle will end up - as GC clearly stated it will not be far behind Shred anymore.

Rauxis, chosen of CAT