Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[Druid]Some quick Cataclysm observations for ferals

I'll be doing a more in-depth analysis of where ferals are in cataclysm, but that'll take a bit of time. In the meantime, here are some answers to some questions I've seen here and elsewhere.

General questions:
  • Feral AP is gone from weapons entirely. Attacks now scale with weapon damage, and are normalized by speed.
  • Faerie fire is broken for cat and bear; it is untrainable.
  • Mark of the wild boosts stats by 7% and does it for the entire raid/party/whatever.
  • Thorns appears to have been slightly boosted; it does about 110 damage per hit without any spellpower boost.
  • I gained about 5k health simply by leveling up in caster form.
  • Shifting forms costs about 5% of base mana, so it's very easy.
  • Primal Precision has been removed.
Bear questions:
  • Savage Defense has a 50% proc chance per crit, and the shields are 75% of AP * (1+ bear mastery bonus). So with a naked bear, it's 75% * (1.32) == about 99%. Note that because the bear's AP has gone way, WAY down due to the feral AP going away, shields are still pretty small.
  • Maul is king in terms of damage and threat once you get a mangle and bleed debuff up.
  • Maul glyph hits a second target for 50% of the base maul damage.
  • Maul currently is the best thing to do no matter what.
  • Pulverize consumes all the lacerate stacks active on the target.
  • Swipe (bear) does significantly less damage currently; it does about 500 damage per swipe on a crit, whereas it was doing upwards of 2k damage on a crit before.
  • Mangle is effectively pointless aside from as a debuffer.
  • Faerie Fire (Bear) costs 15 rage, if you could use it.
  • Improved Feral Charge doesn't work right now for bears.
  • There is no dire bear form. Bear form is it. Mangle works in bear form.
  • Armor has been significantly nerfed in bear form; I believe it's about 75% of what it was. I'll have to do specific comparisons to see what it is.
  • Tanking, right now, is incredibly frustrating and really not worth it; any multitarget tanking is worse than it was in TBC time, the rotation is lacking, etc.
  • Thrash currently doesn't do anything useful other than damage. It doesn't buff swipe.
  • The tree feels incredibly bloated and not particularly fun.

Cat general questions:
  • Endless Rage doesn't work with Savage Roar.
  • Improved Feral Charge removes ravage from your bars entirely. So it's untestable at the moment.
  • Cats have lost about 30% damage from shred and mangle due to the loss of arpen.
  • Arpen turns into straight crit.
  • With the mastery bonus and the other talents, my cat has a paper doll crit rate of 82% with only self-buffs at level 80. This went to 70% at level 81.
  • Nom Nom Nom doesn't appear to properly refresh rips at the moment.
  • The cat tree in general feels sparse, and the 'fun' talents are basically whether or not you want FA, IW, or something like that. You can take all the damage increasing talents and some of the nice to have things like brutal impact and have talents to spare.
  • Thanks to Darksend: Cower reduces threat by 10% instead of a static amount\
  • Swipe does about 25% of the damage it used to; it's essentially not worth using unless you have more than 8 mobs.
  • In general, most 'new' things are broken or not worth playing with at the moment.
Things I want to test: With primal precision gone, is there a refund on missed attacks and specials any more? I believe there is not - making hit and expertise very important to cats now.


Anonymous said...

Finally a good round up from a good player and blogger.

So tired of seeing how other druid bloggers don't say anything useful using lame excuses as "its too early to comment in anything"

Anonymous said...

Yikes, sounds completely dreadful.

Obviously they'll fix the bugs/defects like ravage disappearing from the bar after charge.

But I certainly hope they keep tuning both bear and cat for playability. Would be awful to have it go live with your descriptions!

Anonymous said...

Lets hope they don't leave swipe that way. XP

and lol @"its too early to comment in anything"

Anonymous said...

with MotW being a 7% stat buff, will it stack with kings, or did our buff just get halfway obsolete?