Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[Offtopic]Picture meme thingy

I got tagged a while back by a couple folks for this meme, but sadly mine isn't all that interesting - that's basically because I got a new computer and a new install, so my screenshot folder isn't super hawt right now.

This was a screenshot I took after our first Felmyst kill. We had downed Brutallus just before the 3.0.2 patch hit, but sadly never got a chance to tackle Felmyst before the patch. So he was nerfed, and even then he was fairly difficult for us - at least the first week. The second week I think we 3-shotted him - and that apparently was because I'm the only person in my guild who watched the video on how to identify which side the breaths come on. They had tried a couple times, and then I log in and people in vent actually say "Felhoof, THANK GOD."

That was pretty amusing.

We went on to kill the rest of Sunwell post-nerf. The one I feel worst about missing was M'uru. M'uru was supposedly the hardest fight that Blizzard has ever done at least in terms of tuning, and I was very curious to see how our guild would handle it. It was also one of the places where a druid tank had a huge advantage; being able to hit max armor and 80% avoidance on the door adds meant the healing budget was much less, and being able to DPS in cat on phase 2 meant you may make the soft enrage. M'uru post-patch, by comparison, was a huge joke. With 30% less HP on everything and huge amounts of extra DPS via the new talent trees, there was no pressure at all, and the mechanics of the fight itself aren't that special if there's no pressure to perform. The ledge boss from Twins was harder.

Sorry that wasn't more interesting. Fortunately I have a couple of more interesting pics. For instance: what happens when you use baby spice on a motorcycle and a gigantic feast on a tauren?

Wee! I haz a minibike.

Okay, that's easy. But what about a flaming woman driving a minibike with a gigantic frog in the sidecar? Now that's impressive.

I'll start working on those UI posts here soon. :)

In terms of tagging, I nominate Gray Matter, Jacemora, Lazy Bear Musings and Flyv to find us the 6th screenshot in their screenshot folder and make up amusing shit about it.


Mitch said...

I have my own little photo I added to my Facebook account a while back that I love. It was my first completion of a 25 man raid (I didn't start until months after BC came out and was with a very casual guild and fun people).


My comment was: Giving Gruul the business! Straining extra hard for this one.

Haha. I still have the better resolution image at home somewhere and I'll have to put it up on imageshack when I get a chance (The one posted is condensed because of Facebook)

Shamad said...

Done and done, evil chain-mail guy! :)

Allison Robert said...

M'uru pre-nerf was the ninth circle of hell. The Berserkers would gain Flurry and just destroy our door tanks (both of us were Druids), and the Mages were no peach either. A lot of guilds had more success using Warriors as door tanks -- Disarm was a lifesaver once the bastards got Flurry -- but we were low on Warriors at that point. Take the raid DPS needed for Brutallus with two more tanks in the raid, cap your heal team at six players, spawn void zones everywhere, keep your Priests and Shammys GCD-locked spamming dispels and purges, and then see if you got lucky and the DPS had the GCD to spare for stunning one of the Berserkers as soon as they started wrecking a door tank (and, armor cap or no armor cap, you got annihilated). That was pre-nerf M'uru.

And yeah, M'uru post-nerf was a total joke. We did it the "right way" the first time around, wiped as we often did, and then thought, "Screw it," and just zerged him to phase 2 while the door tanks offtanked the adds. We could easily get him to Phase 2 before the second set of adds spawned and both OT's could usually kill the adds on their own. It was pretty sad.

Definitely the most altered fight in Sunwell post-nerf, but to be perfectly honest, I don't miss it one bit. "Shadowsword Berserker has gained FLURRY!" was the stuff of nightmares back then.

Jacemora said...

Let me go see what my 6th picture is...