Friday, June 17, 2011

[Cat] 4.2 stat weighings and you

So, remember a while back when I wrote about what it would take for mastery to be awesome and haste to be less awesome?

So in 4.2 cats have been buffed and changed around. Strength has been reduced to providing 1AP, which (with raid buffs) is about a 1k AP loss. However, Savage Roar has been buffed to give 80% more damage (from 50%), every direct attack does a lot more damage and scales better with weapon DPS (and thus AP), and ferocious bite has been improved to do more damage for less energy.

While it's still up for debate as to the end effect, there are some good indications that haste, not mastery, is going to be the best stat to stack after getting a good weapon. Haste had already started surpassing crit as the second-best stat, though the stats (other than mastery) were close enough to each other that almost any secondary stat was fine.

Now, though, it's looking more and more like haste is the winner. Why is that?

  • Bleeds got stealth-nerfed. While direct damage got improved across the board, bleeds got actually hurt a little by the strength nerf - and didn't get re-improved. End result is that when 4.2 hits your bleeds won't do quite as much damage as before.
  • The T11 2piece bonus is going away in 4.2. Okay, it's not going away - if you have it, it'll still be there. But chances are you won't have it for super long, especially if you weren't raiding heroic raids. That knocks rake damage down too.
  • The T12 2 piece bonus adds even more direct damage. Yay, shreds hit even more! (though there are issues with this bonus, as it probably won't be rolling damage and will overwrite itself).
  • Seriously, everything got buffed like whoa. A 20% boost to melee damage, a 15-20% increase in scaling for shred, mangle and ravage. It's a huge deal, and one of the things that it (sadly) does is make Unheeded Warning pretty awesome well into heroic raid gearing. If you don't have it already, make an attempt to get it before 4.2 arrives - because when 4.2 arrives chances are you won't see many of 'em on the AH.
  • Swipe doesn't get affected by mastery. Because missed swipes don't refund energy and get zero benefit from mastery, any time you're using swipe a lot all that mastery doesn't do jack for you. In fact, hit/expertise are far better for swipe if you can help it, and are the best stats for aoe-friendly fights. The next best stat? Shockingly, it's haste, as it allows for more OoC and more swipes in a given time.
Anyway, long story short is that mastery may be getting close to the point where it is not the best stat ever, and bleeds are not 40% of our overall damage relative to direct damage. Conversely, this is the point where haste overtakes mastery as a better stat per point. In some tests haste is significantly better than all other secondary stats (by 30%), in others it's neck and neck. Ultimately use mew, run simulations, and test based on your gearing. We'll get more clear ideas of what is best based on profiles of 378 and 391-geared ferals soon enough.


Jacemora said...

Frankly the constant back and forth of Cat DPS is really wearing me out.

armor pen and direct attacks
bleeds again and mastery
bleeds nerfed
here is a trinket to still be uber
bleeds nerfed
trinket still awesome for the next tier
Haste and direct attacks good

blah, blah, blah

Jane. Stop this crazy thing.

So that last quote dated me, hopefully someone knows what it is from,

Xarnen said...

Do you think with how bad haste is for bears still that expertise to the soft cap could become a solid reforge stat for shared cat/bear pieces (assuming you dont need the extra dodge)?

Anonymous said...

Jetsons. George to be specific.


Mitty the Old Fart

Kalon said...

Xarnen, Expertise is a great stat to pull double duty if you want to be mostly optimal for cat and vaguely okay for bear. If you're more interested in survival, mastery is still the #1 shared stat.

Jacemora, I too know the Jetsons. :) And we'll see; the numbers aren't perfectly worked out yet and it may be mastery is best, but from Alaron's latest post the numbers look like around 40% for bleed damage - which is suspiciously like what I estimated the bleed/haste cutoff would have to be for haste to be as good as mastery.

I'd personally advocate going towards hit/exp over haste and mastery anyway - because too many fights have too many variables and this allows for consistency. Haste is better than mastery for anything that has adds, but hit/exp is way better in that case too.