Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Cat] In case you weren't pumped up for Fireland raiding

One thing I missed from blizzard's various previews of Firelands in the last couple days is this gem from Kotaku:

This time around they have, however, resulting in some sexy Ragnaros-styled armor, a new non-legendary version of his mace, Sulfuros, and a druid staff that drops off one of raid's other bosses that transforms the wielder into a molten cat.

The new dungeon even boasts three new mounts; one for competing all of the raid achievements, one random drop, and a special mount that drops every time Ragnaros fails. Just don't expect him to be a pushover this time around. Judging by Stockton's laughter at my suggestion, 25 frost mages isn't going to cut it.


I might want that. Just a little bit.

ETA: one interesting part seen in the blizzard videocast at 10:10 is that he mentions that the staff will allow you to change into Staghelm's feral FORMS. He mentions the cat, but we know Staghelm has at least two forms - cat and scorpion. I suspect but do not know that as a bear you'll get to turn into a molten scorpion.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The thought of being a fiery cat makes me shiver.

Anonymous said...

Hunter weapon. Totally.

elle said...

so frikken sweet.

Goodmongo said...

And of course another nerf of around 700-800 dps with the strength change.

Kalon said...

Goodmongo, I don't think it'll be that bad. I currently have 151 strength total on my char. Admittedly I don't have the strength enchant, but even with that, with the +20 all stats and everything you're looking at around 200 strength for a cat. Which by itself is about a drop of 110 AP.

Now, we do also get a boost of strength from other buffs (notably the str/agi buff), so that'll reduce that fairly. At the same time, even losing 600 AP isn't going to cause us to lose 800 DPS or even close to it. It'll be a slight nerf - but just a slight one. Ferals scaling badly also means that ferals don't get hit so hard when nerfbats come ;)