Friday, April 22, 2011

[Bear] The flood of bear gear in 4.1

You've probably seen a bunch of posts on the great set of gear you can get from ZA/ZG when 4.1 hits - how there's finally some bracers that aren't blue, or another shot to get a weapon when malevolence hates you. Or heck, how to get twice as much VP per week from heroics as you could before.

All of that is true.

But that's not the real source of awesome. The real source of awesome comes from this little gem:

Conquest Points are now purchasable from the Valor Quartermasters at 250 Conquest Points per 250 Valor Points.

What does this mean? It means that you can now get any pvp item that doesn't require any rating no matter who you are, provided that you have the VP for it. Which turns out to be a fairly substantial list of gear. So hey, no more pvping for pve gear! You can now pve for pvp gear instead. Which...I guess you'd probably use for pve.

Here's the comparison with gear obtainable outside of pvp. Some interesting highlights:

  • The PvP helm, with mastery, is a great bear helm and better than anything non-heroic. This is a hard spot for a lot of people to get anything, and that it beats anything you can get until really rare drops makes it pretty nice. At 2200 conquest points - the same, essentially as legs and chest - this is a good deal, especially considering that the best alternatives come from drops from heroic Nef and Cho'gall (and Al'akir, kinda) Note that if you have Tsanga's Helm the difference is probably not worth getting it.
  • Similarly the PvP shoulders are a pretty nice deal and better than anything but heroic gear. If you get the head and the shoulders you also get 70 agility, which is a nice little bonus. It doesn't make it better than getting heroic pieces, but it should salve having two pieces of PvP gear. This isn't quite as great a deal as the helm given that you can get good shoulders off of Omnotron, but it's still pretty good - especially if you're not doing a lot of heroic raiding. The difference here is actually higher than the helm for the comparable nonheroic piece, so still reasonable to consider. They're also a huge upgrade from the troll drop.
  • The pvp chest is interesting; it's a very big jump between it and the normal tier chest (which is pretty badly itemized for bears) - bigger than the jump between the normal pieces and the pvp pieces in the head and shoulder slots combined. At the same time, you already likely have the tier chestpiece. Still, consider it; it's a nice piece of gear that is priced to move.
  • The PvP gloves are about as 'better' as the 359 best gloves as the helm is - so it's a decent upgrade. The big advantage is the energy/rage cost reduction of skull bash, which is great if you're the interrupter. Thus, these are a pretty good buy at some point even if you're just replacing Liar's Handwraps.
  • The pvp bracers are actually worse than the normal drop, but they're also very easy to get. And they are significantly better (about 5%) than the troll drop.
  • Fasc gets his own boots, but they're significantly worse than the BoE valor boots and much much MUCH worse than the PvP boots. Somehow, I think Fasc would have wanted it that way - to be beaten by pvp gear.
  • The pvp weapon is about as good for a bear as the troll weapon due to the lower ilvl on it and the wasted resilience. Of course, the real win here is the BoE Mobius' Halberd, which drops from the rare worldspawn and is just slightly worse than Malevolence
  • Finally, the relic slot is actually best in slot now for bears in pvp land. The haste on the other relic is essentially worthless, and the slight gain in agility and stamina make up for the lost stat otherwise.
Most everything else is a slight upgrade in the slot - the boots, belt, gloves are all slight upgrades and the legs are basically a wash. But that should give you plenty of things to consider spending your valor points on for a while, especially if you're working on some hard hitting content like Nef and want some easy upgrades for tanking.

As to cats? It's not quite as simple. Every troll piece beats the corresponding PvP piece as far as a cat is concerned. And honestly, most of the time it's not even close. All that wasted secondary stat really hurts. Even on the wrists, though it's close. So unless you're very unlucky or sitting on a lot of valor points, getting this stuff isn't as good as just going to troll town.


Doug said...

Unless you actual need the gear to get over the hump of Nef or w/e wouldn't sitting on the VP to use them when Firelands comes out be more logical?

As then you have the VP to get the new tier and off set right away.

Still good look for bears that wont have that option to immediately jump into the new content or need that extra umph for soon™, er when 4.1 hits.

Anonymous said...

VP is converted into JP when a new tier is released, same with CP.

Kalon said...

As stated, all VP is going to be converted to JP as soon as 4.2 comes out - and 4.2 will likely be another couple of months.

I don't know if gear will help you beat Nef or whoever, but it couldn't hurt - and if you're like most raiding bears, most of the VP you get is being used for offspec gear or selling at this point.

What I'm more amused by is that the troll raids are mostly going to help non-raiding bears get geared up not by the gear they drop, but by the VP you get.

Also note that if you're doing a lot of bear/cat stuff together this is a fairly poor choice. While it's better for bears, it's much worse for cats than most options.

Anonymous said...

presumably the weekly pvp cap of 1343 applies so i dont see this as a huge gain for pve'rs

RaydenUni said...

When you say "heroic" you mean heroic raids not heroic dungeons right?

Wenselaas said...

If I am already wearing the 365 pvp gloves, would you recommend wearing the 365 pvp shoulders over the ones from omnotron.

My feeling is that the extra native stam/agil on the shoulders along with the 70 agil set bonus would outweigh the crit and mastery loss.

Jey said...

Im not sure how it works out if you are already wearing one piece of PvP gear as compared to not, but the gain in stats going from the PvP gear to the actual raiding gear is substantial and will offset the stat gain from the 2 set.

that is, however, only with replacing both pvp pieces. If you are not replacing the gloves from pvp it may work out as roughly equivalent, but if you are wondering if you should be spending the DKP or w/e you use to get the shoulders, then the answer is yes you should. When you do replace your gloves the stat increase will beat the set bonus from the PvP gear.

Wenselaas said...

I currently have both the shoulders from omnotron as well as the epic gloves from dragonmaw. However I believe that it is worth it to exchange the rep gloves for pvp ones, because the only stat loss is haste and a small amount of crit (from reforging). The stam and agil gain outweighs that minor loss, and you have the added bonus of a cheaper interrupt. This means that the pvp shoulders will most definitely complete my pvp 2 set (70 agil), which i believe is worth the loss in mastery.

Pretty much the trade off is as follows:

15 stamina, 92 agility, 35 armor, 159 expertise, 179 resil, and a yellow socket with agil bonus
169 mastery, 149 crit, and a red socket with 10 mastery bonus.

Personally, i feel that the pvp shoulders are worth it.

Anonymous said...

RaydenUni aked... by "Heroic" you mean heorics (5man) right?

Kalon said...

Rayden, I'm not sure which comment you're talking about - but usually if I say 'heroics' I'm talking about 5-man content.

Anonymous said...

Kalon, I'm courious what your feeling on the conquest neck piece with mastery on it. I'm thinking of picking this up for my tanking set. It seems better then most raid pieces out there.


Kalon said...

Anon, the necklace of prowess rates very highly - the second best neck by the wowhead filter. The disadvantage that you get here is that you don't get any armor (unlike the leather pieces) so it's not quite as big a win, but the main advantage is that you're trading essentially haste (vs the neck of strife) for a bit more master, more agility and more stamina. Now, that haste will go 40% dodge - but even then, we're talking 15 stam and 11 agi and 7 mastery vs. 50 dodge. It's pretty close.

Dan said...

I was just looking at this guide post 4.1 while trying to gear my feral druid. It makes me sad that the PvP boots with mastery didn't make it to live. What are your thoughts on the PvP boots with crit versus the BoE valor boots or Fasc's?

Wouter said...

I think that the haste is much better then resi for bears tbh. The only reason for that is reforging tho, since resi can't be reforged.

Kalon said...

Dan, the pvp boots aren't the slam dunk that the other pvp slots are due to the lower ilvl. I'd stick with Fasc's if you can get them to drop.

Wouter, haste is better for bears than resilience. However, 80 haste (even reforged into 36 dodge) can't beat the extra armor, 30 stam and 20 agi you get from higher ilvls, and that's what we're ultimately comparing. The armor alone is worth it.

Alipho said...

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