Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[General]Some quickie updates

Long time, no post.

I'm no longer a part of casually serious. I'm now a part of Skunkworks. Casually Serious, but renamed. And 100% more awesome. With it comes a web page redesign, some personal rules about behavior outside the game, and really snazzy graphics. We are recruiting a resto druid, and will always consider fantastic applicants no matter what their class and spec. If you're totally amazing and also would rather do more progression with fewer hours, send us a note.

I am back to raiding, at least on a trial basis. My work schedule changed enough that it seemed feasible. We're currently trying to kill HLK 25 man, and we've gotten as close as 17% enrage. I think he'll die in the 25% buff.

I'm planning on writing a retrospective of how ferals did from TBC to WotLK. It'll be a bit fluffy, so you mathy folks won't be satisfied all that much.

I'll also update the loot lists for Halion's loot table. Other than the Sharpened Twilight Scale, there's not a ton of super sexy stuff from there for cats. If you're hurting for rings the Signet of Twilight is neat, but otherwise...meh. For bears, the Umbrage Armbands are not too shabby, but not exactly exciting, and the Petrified Twilight Scale is a nice armor trinket but the proc is sad and doesn't compare well to Unidentified Organ.

I'm likely not going to comment much on the posted Cataclysm talent trees. Most of what I would have said has been said elsewhere and more eloquently than I could have. I will say that so far, they've not met the goals they set out to do in their design statement, and there's a lot of work left.

So I ask readers - what kinds of things are you looking for? Tips on HLK? Gearing strategies? Reviews of talents? Philosophical rants on the pointlessness of an infinite universe? Hello Kitty Island Adventures?


Hana said...

At this point in the expansion I think reviews of talents and philosophical rants are okay. :) I would appreciate HLK tips as well. My guild's not there yet, but we might be in a few weeks once we get over the H Putricide/Sindy hump.

Anonymous said...

HLK for sure. But also you have excellent timing because the NDA for Cata was lifted today!

Alaron said...

Definitely Hello Kitty Isl...(distracted by beta)

Ironhyde said...

I would love to hear some gearing strategies. HLK tips would be nice but what I think would really help would be tips for fights in which we have to switch targets a lot, ie. Putricide and Deathwhisper. Any post would be a welcome post tbh!

Willowbear said...

Welcome back? There has been a void of druid tanking discussion that has not been filled since you left. I had hopes for Darksend that were never fulfilled, disappointing really. He started out well, but hasn't posted anything substantive for awhile.

I would like to see a discussion of gearing adjustments with respect to the ICC buff. Is there such thing as too much sta? Would it be better to maintain a certain health level and boost another stat(s)?

Or maybe where is bear threat now vs the dps we are tanking for? Is it bad to be dependent on misdirects to boost threat?

Bear Chat said...

I'm so happy you are back to raiding, looking forward to more blog posts!

/cast Dire Bear Form

Frick said...

YAY!!! You're back you're back you're back! :)

Darksend said...

@ willowbear

I tried posting for a while, but once the druid talent trees were released and they were a good 3 builds behind the alpha build, it became to hard to comment without breaking the NDA, so I just kept my comments to the alpha forums.

Expect to see a lot from me soon.

Willowbear said...


Frankly I have little interest in Cataclysm until it is released. As you know anything can change between now and release. Maybe a discussion of mastery and it's impact on bears at some point could be useful.

But there is plenty to talk about now. Bear tank's strengths and weaknesses in various ICC fights/heroic versions. The impact of the ICC buff on trinkets. Fight tactics for bears. (You mentioned the HLK fight and a change your group made, but never indicated what that was.) I'm sure I could come up with others.

I guess what it boils down to is what kind of conversation you want to have with your readers. Your blog. Your choice.

The things I enjoyed/enjoy about Kalon's blog was that it was informative and provided a place to discuss things. He also never talks down to the folks that comment. I respect the decorum he maintains.

Anonymous said...

OMG welcome back!! Good to know that my favorite blog is still here. :)

What am i looking for? Just do the usual that u always do. I love ur posts so do it like before. Or maybe hello kitty island...

Nikwedur said...

I would appreciate anything you consider interesting enough to think about it and share your conclusions.

As a feral (now casual) I find all your posts really interesting, even the nom, nom, nom proposal por talent name that I had to look in the youtube for understanding!!!.

Still waiting for carnival to see your low level feral kitten ^^

ThRiNiDiR said...

Goddamit, just write something mate. I've missed your posts immensely. Feisty (Twisting Nether EU)

Rauxis said...

made an error above - could you wipe my real name? I don't mind you knowing, but I hate search engines

Rauxis, chosen of CAT