Wednesday, July 23, 2008

[Druid] Blizzard gives and they take away.

From the beta forums, we have this:

We have no plans to implement a "Dire Cat" form at this time. "Dire Bear" exists for the sole purpose of upgrading the Feral Druid's armor value to match the Warrior/Paladin etc. (Druids get no shield)

We do, however, intend to allow Druids to be able to use items and enchants with procs in forms, which I believe will work in the next beta build (don't hold me to it though).


I think what Kalgan meant was that we intend to do different texture variances for Druid forms, including Cat form. Which is true, though not sure how soon we're going to get that. They may come from a repeatable quest, or through inscription.

Regarding the "Feral Range Bug," that really is not a bug. Have a Warrior, Rogue or any melee class play without using a snare and you'll encounter the same issue. The issue is that the server and client are not sync. When you try to do damage to the target, while your client shows him on your screen, the server disagree's and gives you an error. Snares help alleviate the problem, which is what we're giving Feral Druids in the form of "Infected Wounds" for the expansion.

So yay, we get cosmetic enhancements.

Boo, we don't get actual DPS enhancements. Sigh.

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AWESOME! Thanks very much for your work. I learned so much from this thread.