Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lies, damn lies, and WWS

I'm really starting to hate WWS.

Okay, I'm really not. WWS is an exceptionally useful tool and way to trace what happened. You can use it to correct someone's memory of who was alive when a certain event happened, such as showing that all healers were alive on the first Fel Rage of a Bloodboil wipe. You can use it to show that someone's not downranking their holy lights and keeping Light's Grace up properly, or that they're using flash heal instead of greater heal and thus making everyone's efficiency go down so that they can have bigger numbers. You can see who is being hit by what, who is using their healthstones and healing pots, and in general who is doing the Right Thing.

And too many lazy people use it by looking at the full report and nothing else, and saying how great DPS or healing people do based on that. That is really, really starting to piss me the hell off.

If you do use WWS - and you really should - do not be lazy and look at the full report. Do not evaluate your healers based on how well they heal trash. Do not evaluate your DPS based on how well they do AoE damage. Look at the bosses and ask yourself: what does this boss do? If you were a DPS on this boss, what trouble would you have? If you were a healer on this boss, how good could you be given the assignment? Is it a mobility fight? Is it a DPS race or a survival fight? Did they take on multiple roles in the fight?

Do not look at their overall value, because that overall value can be padded by trash to the point where the actual useful information - how well they perform on bosses - is totally obscured. Don't make judgments based on this either. And certainly don't give out raid spots because of it.

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