Thursday, June 12, 2008

[Druid] The Cat Karazhan Gear Guide Prequel

Since all blogs are contractually obligated to do at least one gear guide for Karazhan I decided to do one. Cat DPS has been on my mind a lot recently too; at first, being a cat was one of those 'nice things to have' kind of deals. In Kara I was almost never a cat, for example. It didn't really matter what my gear was if I wasn't going to be doing DPS, right?

Same with HKM/Gruul and Magtheridon. All of those require multiple tanks, so no DPS gear. SSC was the same too - only one fight (Leo) really didn't have multiple physical tanks needed, and all of TK save Solarian needed multiple tanks on each fight. Pretty much unless we were bringing a lot of tanks, I was guaranteed to be tanking something.

Well, we started bringing a lot of tanks. And we started getting into T6. T6 requires a lot of tanks of various stripes on the trash. Hyjal needs many tanks to deal with the waves - a prot paladin is ideal, but you need multiple tanks to deal with the abominations and any other stragglers, or to deal with infernals. But the bosses themselves? Rage needs only one. Anetheron needs a couple, but it doesn't always have to be me. Kazrogal requires 1. Azgalor requires a couple, but again - not always me. And Archimonde requires 1. 3 of the 5 fights in Hyjal I'd either be in catform or on backup. BT is very similar. Najentus requires 1, Supremus requires 2 - but not me necessarily. Akama requires a few, but everyone wants to go DPS on that anyway and it's not required I be there. Gorefiend requires 1. RoS requires multiple tanks but it's best to DPS if possible so that other tanks can tank (and not fail at DPS)- or really, it's best to swap me out. Gurtogg is the only one that a feral is really nice for.

So for 7 of the 11 fights in T6 I'm usually DPSing. Keep that in mind when making your gear choices; you will be doing DPS, and you should make sure that you have as good of gear as you can get for it. So start building your gear now!

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