Wednesday, May 7, 2008

[Druid] Resilience part 3: tanking Illidan's flames

A second followup, because this has proven to be pretty valuable. Earlier I mentioned that the vengeful gladiator's helm is a good choice because it combined with the chest makes a great 2-piece set that takes care of your resilience needs and goes well with resistance sets. Here's one example of that. This is a set that takes care of all the fire resistance needs and makes you uncrittable, while giving close to 18k stamina unbuffed:

Vengeful Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm with a steady talasite, Powerful earthstorm diamond and glyph of the gladiator (available for 1875 arena points)
Amulet of the Torn-Heart (the end of the cipher of damnation questline in shadowmoon)
The shoulders don't matter at all - any will do
Wyrmcultist's Cloak with greater fire resistance (bought from a vendor in blade's edge after you get a disguise)
Vengeful Gladiator's Dragonhide Tunic (available for 1875 arena points) socketed with solid stars of elune and enchanted with exceptional stats
wrists can be anything
Inferno Hardened Gloves with any enchant (I'd recommend a knothide kit) (20 badges)
Blastguard Belt with two solid stars of elune (3 primal fire, 3 primal water, 6 fel hide, 4 heavy knothide leather)
Inferno Hardened Leggings (30 badges) with clefthide armor patch
Inferno Hardened Boots (20 badges) with Fortitude
Phoenix-Fire Band (from the trials of the Naaru: Magtheridon questline)
Flask of Chromatic Wonder
The trinket slots, other ring slot, weapon slot and idol slot are open as well. This provides a total of 298 fire resistance and is well over the uncrittable cap. If you wanted to you could regem a bit and get more resilience, and remove the glyph of the gladiator in favor of more avoidance or the FR glyph - but it's not necessary. I chose this because the enchants on the VG set are likely to be used elsewhere as well, so your gear is not solely FR-specific. With a paladin fire resist aura, you will be over the 365 cap.

With T5-level gear in the other slots (either badge gear or T5 drops that are fairly commonplace), you could get over 18k health buffed only with the flask, 22k armor and 29% avoidance. In addition to that, you should be fairly good on threat as well given the VG pieces which provide some hit. It's not even that costly; 70 badges total, a few primals and some enchant mats are it. The costliest thing is the arena points, but these pieces are actually pretty good for cat DPS too - and if you're stingy you can always go with the gladiator or MG set versions, which will soon be available for honor instead of arena points.

Yet another reason to go grind arena points. :)

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