Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[General]Nature Resist for Anub'arak ToGC25

A couple people have asked about what nature resist I use for Anub'arak here and there. It's pretty easy, actually.

Nature Resist Totem (130)
Arcanum of Toxic Warding (25) - from Knights of the Ebon Blade Honored
Enchant Cloak - Superior Nature Resist (20) - farmed from Icecrown mobs. And the drop rate really isn't that bad.
Lesser Flask of Resistance (50) - pretty much any alchemist will have this, though it costs fireleaf, which isn't that common.
Fur Lining - Nature Resist (70) - farmed from the same icecrown mobs as above. This is a leatherworking-only perk.
Runed Ring of Binding (25) - Onyxia 10.
And while I don't have it, Signified Ring of Binding (30) is also awesome, and drops from Ony 25.

That's all it is. With the above enchants and flasks and totem, I get to 320 NR. Which is good for an average resistance of about 38%.

What does that mean for Anub'arak though? On our 2% wipe last week (side note: sob) this was my values for Leeching Swarm:

Actor Totals Hits Absorbed Resisted Misses
Ab Total
1544848 16.2 % 214 7218.9 1544848 73 230926 214 1137968 2 2

So I took 1.5 million damage from leeching swarm, and resisted 1.1 million damage.

Leeching swarm was active in this fight for 217 seconds. This is the formula for how much damage Anub'arak heals from leeching swarm:

healing = (damage done + absorbed damage)*(2.3)*(MS effect)*(player modifier to healing)

The MS effect corresponds to whether MS or wound poison is up - if it is, this all gets reduced by 50%. The 'player modifier to healing' is another example of awesome blizzard mechanics, where the player's talents that multiply healing done also multiply healing done to Anub'arak. So things like Purification or Master Shapeshifter (tree) boost healing done to Anub'arak.

The important thing to note here: resisted damage doesn't ever heal Anub'arak.

For me, that meant I was personally responsible for 1.983 million damage healed to Anub'arak - in 217 seconds, that's 9173 HPS. Yikes.

But how good was the resistance? The damage I didn't take was equal to 1.137 million/217 seconds or 5244 DPS I wasn't taking during this time. The healing done would be equivalent to 1.15 this value (MS effects were up), which meant that resisted damage was equivalent to 6030 HPS not done.

In other words, the resistance was the equivalent of 6k DPS done to the boss.

Note that this isn't all due to the enchanting this way; 130 NR provides about 18% resistance by itself, or about 3k DPS done by itself. That means the gear by itself contributed about 3k DPS, or 2.6k reduced damage.

That's very substantial, and it certainly makes it easier to heal the tank on the hardest part of healing.

Is this adviseable for other players? Probably not. Certainly not other DPS classes, who will already be fairly low on health and want to do maximal DPS prior to phase 3. Maybe healers, who may be able to take the hit on their healing power/regen power.

But almost certainly tanks. Our two tanks by themselves were responsible for about a third of all healing done to Anub'arak - and that was with me using NR gear. If I hadn't, we'd be closer to 40%.

So if you have enough health to survive the scary part of phase 3 - which is freezing slash + a melee hit + a leeching swarm tick - consider dropping it for at least a lesser flask of nature resistance.


dtc said...

Seems like a definite thing to do for a bear MT, or any MT on anub possibly, but what about the off tank that needs some wicked avoidance stats? Did he go all out on NR like you did?

...and down him already psshh.

Anonymous said...

Hard mode 25 Anubarak right?


Just did 25 Anub tonight for the first time and 1 shotted him. But I didnt notice if tank was wearing resist. Dont think he did. They went so fast.

dtc said...

yeah hm

Kirsten said...

"So if you have enough health to survive the scary part of phase 3 - which is freezing slash + a melee hit + a leeching swarm tick - consider dropping it for at least a lesser flask of nature resistance."

Our guild is working on Twins right now but Anub is just around the corner. I'm curious if you have a rough estimate of what you mean by 'enough health'? Everything else seems to make sense to me! :-)

P.S. Tankspot video did mention the MT & OT using resist.

Bob said...

I use a very similar gear set up to Fellhoof and I run at about 49k health fully buffed. That seems to be enough buffer for my healer but not so much that I do a ton of healing on Anub. Obviously you want a hell of a lot of armor to go along with that to make sure your EH stays high enough.

Kalon said...

DTC - he didn't go all out on NR, just used a flask as far as I recall. He's an alch though, so he gets 90 resistance from that. And it made a big difference; he reduced outgoing damage healed by about 2k.

And we killed him last night.

Anon - yes, hard mode Anub. That's what the ToGC stands for - trial of the Grand Crusader. Resist isn't remotely necessary on the normal mode.

Kirsten - I run with about 51k health during the part where it would be relevant (during the leech we don't shout/imp). From looking at the logs, I've never taken more than 40k personally from that combination, and often less if I have barkskin up. So you could probably do less and still do okay. I could likely drop jugs for defender's code at this point.

Bob - yeah, that's about right. And armor is really huge on this. I use as much armor gear as I can - including the cloak from Naxx instead of ToC - because it's so essential on the huge hits and the unavoidable damage. But the more I look, the more I think resistance is a huge win. The less healing you can do to the boss, the shorter P3 can be - and that's key.

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for all the nice info you have here for us feral druids!
AS I´m playing in a guild where we have the best progress in 10 men instanses I´m a bit curious about your, and others of course, opinion on the NR issue on 10 men hardmode. Is it worth it the same way as in the 25 men version?
The wrong place but your Anub spec as posted, might it be an alternativ on 10 man hardmode?

LittleNym said...

Any opinion on how much nature res would be needed for the poor bugger dealing with Scarabs in TotC10 - The Traitor King?