Monday, February 9, 2009

[General] Revision of resistance info

Shamgarr at the EJ forums was able to test out resistances against level 83 mobs - and the results were a bit disheartening. Basically, instead of the 83*5 coefficient that he had thought, it looks like level 83 bosses (at least Sapphiron and KT) have a value of 500.

This means it takes 500 resistance to have an average resist of 50%. And more importantly this means you need 334 FR to resist at least 30% of all damage every time.

For gearing for the Sarth3D fight, this makes things harder, but not impossible. Now a leatherworker will need to wear a couple of green pieces or crafted pieces or old badge loot. A non-leatherworker is going to have a harder time; they'll need to wear a bunch of pieces. But it should still be doable.

Basically, because I happened to be wearing more FR gear than I needed to I lucked out the other day. I had a 4% chance of potentially taking a lethal breath. Now, thanks to the variance in both the resistance and how much damage Sarth can do, this ends up being a fairly low probability; he has to do max damage on a breath and I have to only resist 20%. But it could have happened. If you're curious, you have a 10.8% chance to take a 20% resisted breath with the aforementioned 277 FR - and that's skating a bit close to thin ice.

I apologize if anyone used this strategy and wiped because of my mistake. Hopefully luck favored you and you were fine. :)

I've updated the previous posts to reflect this new info.

Keep in mind that there's no absolute way to make sure that even this is correct. If this strategy doesn't work for you you can always use cooldowns or the Ciderhelm method, or a DK.


Anonymous said...

A quick question: is 415 the resistance cap? In other words, will frost resistance above this number still help reduce my damage from sapphiron?

Kalon said...

Hey, Anon1 -

Current info says that all resistance keeps working fine and there is no hard cap. In particular, the test was done with 419 resist, and it did appear to affect things differently.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kalon - not related to this post but a general question.

I was recently chatting with a warrior tank around "Druid tank DPS > warrior tank DPS" (specifically around OS+3 10 man and who should tank the drakes).

He pointed out that 5 stacks of sunder armour beats out FFF for armour reduction and hence is probably a net gain on raid dps, even if there's only a couple of MDPS.

My maths isn't up to the number crunching - how big a difference to others' DPS is the 5 x Sunder (taking 5 GCDs to apply) vs an instant FFF?

Kalon said...

Hey anon2 -

Sunder armor is a huge raid buff in general, and it's certainly much better than faerie fire. However, they don't overwrite each other so you should have both up on a mob anyway. And there's nothing that says a prot warrior needs to put up the sunder stacks. Any warrior can do this.

Furthermore, rogues can do improved expose armor and get the same debuff as well.

On 10-man, it's a bit tougher to say which will provide more DPS if you don't have sunder/expose available from a non-prot warrior. For me it's worth about 10% more DPS, so that's a rough guideline: if your melee and hunter DPS is doing 4000 DPS each, sunder armor is worth 400 DPS per melee.

In general I'd say that for the drakes and adds warriors are better anyway thanks to tclap and shields than druids.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kalon (ref FFF/SA) - helpful as always :)