Monday, November 3, 2008

[Offtopic] Game down

Last night Fire and Blood downed Kil'jaeden - and we got extra lucky and got Thoridal. I was the tank on the fight and managed 1150 DPS on it after taking out fire blooms from the equation. Towards the end I actually stopped DPS entirely and just started running back and forth; I didn't need to hit the guy any more as no one would have come close to me, and it was better to do that than to worry about damage at that point. A previous fight had me closer to 1400 DPS without blooms, which is more of what I can do if I go all out in case y'all are wondering.

It was...anticlimactic. Instead of an accomplishment, it felt like it was something we really should have gotten down earlier. It wasn't as hard a fight for me as Brutallus was, pre-nerf (Post-nerf he's a joke of course), and it didn't seem as hard from everyone else's perspective either. We spent a total of 3 nights on KJ, and one of the nights was essentially a wash as we had frequent DCs from our orb users. And nothing pushed everyone as hard as Brutallus did in terms of individual performance. KJ used to be difficult because it required survival + a hard DPS check. It now only requires survival and some decent DPS; it's basically a coordination fight combined with the standard 'don't stand in shit' fight.

Still, nice to have it done, and nice to have kept raiding for the remainder of the time we had in BC.

I've got 8/8 T6 now, which is kind of amusing. Per the pre-Naxx guide I'm very happy I grabbed the bracers and boots. Nothing else has really dropped; we've not seen a single Harness of Carnal Instinct drop, the Stanchion hasn't dropped, etc. But that's okay; I'm basically set at this point for Wrath, and anything else I get is gravy.

The next goal is to grind the hell out of honor and get as much money as I can in the next 10 days so that I can immediately pick out PvP gear when 80 hits and I can regem things as needed.

Oh, and to pimp out my guild - we are looking for exceptional players at all positions at this point. Drop me a line if you're interested.


Karthis said...

Congrats on the kill, Kalon - it's a great achievement despite the nerf.

We managed to take out Felmyst last night, and damn near had the Twins to boot. (One mage blew us up 3 times though - including on a run where we were at 4% on the first twin....)

Kalon said...

Thanks, Karthis. :)

And Twins...ugh. Don't get me started on Twins. The ledge boss has officially beaten us more times than the actual boss has. It's ridiculous. The last wonderful gasp was this week, when a mage who had been explicitly told not to iceblock when conflagrated iceblocked.

The groans over vent were almost worth it.

A word of advice - if you have a bear who can wear cat gear and go bear here, and stay around third in threat, it helps immensely with the conflagrates (which typically go to the person third highest on sacrolash's threat table). In our guild first kill I ate every single conflagrate save one, and because of it we downed them easily.

Matticus said...

Know what's worse than the ledge boss? Players who have "walk" turned on and can't escape the ledgeboss fast enough.

Sad panda.

Copey said...

Grats man!

I am aware that since everything has been nerfed that it’s not quite the same when you do these raids. But I’ve got to say I’ve been having a blast lately. One of my biggest complaints about WOW is if you were not able to do progression raiding you didn’t get to see the really cool things. I've been stuck at tier 4 content because I'm not able to run at regular raiding hours.

Since the nerf I’ve gotten the chance to do SSC, and TK in pugs, and they have been going pretty well. Have not gotten the chance to do BT yet, but I’ve gotten in good with a group of people that are friendly to my guild. With out the nerf though, I would never gotten to see those places. I’m not getting much in the way of loot that I want, since they asked if I could heal instead of tank, but at least if I get some tier tokens I can pick what I want after that.

Kalon said...

Matt - that actually hasn't been as much of a problem for us. We either die to people simply not moving at all when conflagrated or people declaring a holy jihad against the raid. It's shocking how something so trivial could wipe people though. Bizarre.

Runy - thanks! And if you're serious, we'd love to have you. Right now we need most a shaman healer, a rogue, and oddly enough a lock. We could also really use a death knight tank, as everyone who has said they'll be going DK is pretty DPS-oriented. But really, right now we're just looking for exceptional players. About the only thing we probably would veto is a priest or a warrior.

Copey - thanks! And don't get me wrong - I think the nerf was a brilliant idea. Allowing people to play with their new toys in content that exists is a really good way to get people used to some of the changes and allows them to see content that they wouldn't have otherwise; it's a bit of incentive that makes it easier. I'm all for nerfing the content like that. And I'm very happy that I could see Felmyst through KJ and even down them, even if they're a shadow of their prior difficulty.

KJ remains a difficult fight, but it's on the order of Reliquary or Gurtogg difficulty, and it isn't close to Kael or Vashj or Illidan or Archimonde. I didn't get the rush I got when beating them.

But yeah, I'm very happy people get to see all this content. Have fun in TK/SSC - there are some great fights in there.

runycat said...

Congratulations, Kalon!

What classes are you looking for specifically? I've got a 61 Druid and a 61 Paladin chilling out on Mal'ganis. At this point, I'm almost willing to reroll.

runycat said...

I'd definitely consider it, although it'd be an awful lot of work to punch out before Wrath hits. What are your raid times like? I know you're out on the West Coast, and I'm still on EST.

Race said...

Fire and Blood raids M,W,F,Su 7-11 Server time which is Central

Anonymous said...

Grats on the kill, thats awesome ! I would apply to your guild, but I dont want the competition of another druid tank!

Oh no, I dont have as many t6 as you, I feel really inadequate :( Does that mean its going to take me twice as long to level?

Kalon said...

Runy - we've got plenty of people that play on the East coast; my wife and I are one of the exceptions, really. As Race (our GM) said, it's MWFSunday, 8-12 EST.

Anon - about the only thing that T6 will let you do while leveling is it'll help you grind a bit more as a bear, and it might last a bit longer before you replace it. There's no real need for T6 right now, though having 2pT6 opens up some options for cat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kalon, you mention how you plan to grind honor now to spend later on when you hit 80. I'm not a PvP'er but I just assumed that things like current honor points would be useless for upcoming level 200 PvP gear.

I eagerly await your Cat gear article :), but perhaps sometime you could help fill me in on how the Honour and Arena resets will work - or point me in the right direction, as I'm a bit confused about what to work on right now.

P.S Congratulations on KJ. We had our first night on Illidan last night and got him to 27% on our best go.

Kalon said...

dfvanden - thanks! While the arena points all are getting removed like they always do at the end of every season, the honor and marks are all going to stick around. The cost of PvP gear is going to be really high - somewhere between 35 and 40k honor. So chances are if you're fully capped, you'll be able to buy two pieces right off the bat.

Definitely don't work on arena right now - but do work on your honor points. :)