Friday, August 22, 2008

[Offtopic]Engineering hotness

Sure, Warriors got all the love in patch 8820, what with the whole Titan's Grip rocking, fury warriors getting a better MS than Arms, and stealing vengeance from Paladins. But that's not what's awesome.

What's awesome is the new recipes for engineering. I've always had a soft spot for engineering. It satisfies the random geek in me, making cool shit that has absolutely no quantitative value but rocks. Being able to turn invisible, fall safely, res people randomly, go way faster or shoot yourself in the air was awesome. Having a flying mount that was pure win was great. The goggles and stam trinket were the real reason to take it, of course, but it had so much more flavor than every other profession. It's a shame that it really had nothing for feral druids; I would have taken it right away, otherwise. But let's go to the awesomeness:

First off we have the awesomely named "MOLL-E":

Use: Create a portable mailbox for 5 min (1 day cooldown)

Damn, that's awesome. This was one of those things that they've tried to put in the game for a long time. Hopefully this time it'll make it.

Then we get to the "engineering as bag space maker" options.

Engineering: Bladed Pickaxe
"Used as a mining pick or skinning knife"

Engineering: Hammer Pick
"Used as a mining pick or blacksmith hammer"

These can be used by anyone, so I expect them to sell fairly well and be good for leveling up.

Engineering: Gnomish Army Knife

Use: Overload the knife's battery to attempt to shock a dead player back to life. Cannot be used in combat(30 minute cooldown)
"Includes Gyromatic Micro-Adjuster, Arclight Spanner, Flint and Tinder, Blacksmithing Hammer, Mining Pick and a Skinning Knife"

Holy crap! That's every single engineering gadget you need, every blacksmithing item you need and every mining & skinning item you need + a way to resurrect someone sometimes? All in one bag slot? Damn, that's stupid awesome.

Engineering: Mana Injector Kit
Use: Converts 20 Runic Mana Potions into compact injectors

There's a similar one for healing pots too. A reusable way to make injectors is a really huge boon and a good way to save overall. It's also such a nice convenience. Really good idea here.

Engineering: Gnomish X-Ray Specs
Equip: Allows you to see player without clothing and armor

I admit, I loled.

Engineering: Sonic Booster
Binds when Equipped
+81 stamina
Requires Engineering (390)
Equip: The noise mades from melee combat sometimes cause Sonic Awareness, increasing your attack power by 430 for 10 sec. This effect can only occur once every minute

Engineering: Noise Machine
Binds when equipped
Requires Engineering (390)
Equip: increases spell power by 63
Equip: Melee attacks against you have a chance to invoke a sonic shield, absorbing 1100 damage. This effect can only occur once a minute.

The bad-ass trinkets continue - except this time they're BoE. They do require engineering to use though, but have no level requirement and only have 390 engineering. Similarly:

Engineering: Armored Titanium Goggles
Binds when equipped
1760 armor
+34 strength
+87 stamina
meta socket
yellow socket
Socket bonus: +6 expertise rating
Requires Level 72
Requires Engineering (400)
Equip: Increases defense rating by 50
Equip: Increases your expertise rating by 42

Guh. And they're not even the epic version. This is just going to be the starting head you can go and make at 72. There are other rare versions of various armors out there that don't appear to be done yet, but I suspect they're going to be inline with these.

The epic gun is pretty amazing too, though I'm still a bit bitter about prot warriors getting something like this while paladins/druids/Death knights get their lame relic slot. And this one is BoP. Interesting.

Engineering: Nestingway 4000
Binds when picked up
181-337 damage
speed 2.00
+42 stamina
blue socket
Socket bonus: +6 stamina
Requires Level 80
Equip: Improves hit rating by 18
Equip: Increases defense rating by 21

It would be awesome if engineering could make relics, idols and librams. But that might be asking for too much.

All in all, they're doing really well with engineering conceptually - making cloaks and belts into cloak and belt enchants, adding more usefulness for every profession, making things everyone will actually want. It's all good stuff. I've not seen the super sexy items that BS has so far, but BS needed a lot of love. Engineering will hopefully get their love soon.


Anonymous said...

2 things. 1 I hope that Eng rezzer is not restricted to gnomish engineering , that would be messed up.

2 please allow another way to respond. I had to create a blog in order to respond and that is bad jujus. There is a way to allow others to respond and I have been dieing to respond to several of your articles, hence my blog creation.

That is all. Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

That all makes my lvl 17 engineering hunter wiggle with glee!

BTW, love the new look!

Kalon said...

Sgaw - thanks for coming by!

I didn't realize that it was required to have a blog to post. That's now been fixed. Thanks for bringing that up!

And I also hope that the rezzer isn't restricted to gnomes. Currently it's not; the only thing that is gnomish-only is the x-ray specs, which is kinda funny. So far the goblins only have siege bombs. That's great for the new pvp but it's not all that interesting to me personally. Freeing up 10 bag slots really is.

Kalon said...

secretagentcat - thanks :) You spoiled the surprise tho! Heh.